What ALS Lessons Can Stephen Hawking Teach Us?

Medical treatment can help a patient live longer even while there is no cure. According to Dr. Lahham, there are several FDA-approved medicines that can lengthen lives and delay disease development. “We are more effective the earlier therapy is started. Attending ALS specialized clinics, maintaining a healthy weight, and using help for breathing problems are all associated with extended survival times.

Due to an early diagnosis and family support, Stephen Hawking outlived expectations by five decades. He had two marriages, three children, was a best-selling book, and studied the universe’s beginnings. He appeared in episodes of “Star Trek,” “The Simpsons,” “Futurama,” and “Big Bang Theory” as a guest. His capacity to breathe, speak, and swallow was impacted as ALS gradually weakened and immobilized his limbs, as well as his core muscles and diaphragm. He spoke into a speech computer.

According to Dr. Lahham, this is just another tragic aspect of a motor neuron illness like ALS. Most ALS patients are physically imprisoned inside a body that is withering away, although having adequate cognitive abilities.

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