The Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine, Plus Dermatologist Advice

The routine:


Ideally, everyone should wash their faces once a day with a mild cleanser. Some individuals prefer twice daily, although they typically have oily skin. You just need to use it once at night if you have sensitive or dry skin.
Additionally, according to Savor Beauty creator and skin care expert Angelia Jia Kim, a nightly cleansing may serve as a period of reflection and stress relief. “How you treat your skin is how you treat your soul. And what I mean by that is both need nourishment, care, and love” Kim claims. She continues by saying that, in her opinion, taking care of oneself is “an act that your future self will thank you for”.

Why is this important for a good skin care program for aged skin? Self-care, however, may also serve a very useful purpose. According to the expert, she says: “If you go to bed with filth, sebum, and environmental pollutants in your pores, it can break down the collagen in your skin”.


Toner is not required. Skip this step if you are someone who can’t commit to anything more than the bare minimum. A hydrating toner, however, may give an additional layer of moisture, feed the skin nutrients, and aid in balancing the pH of the skin barrier for people who enjoy indulging in their products.
According to board-certified dermatologist Hadley King: “now days they are more typically moisturizing formulas, unlike the old-school, alcohol-based toners that might be rather drying to the skin.”

Toners can be used as a first step in addition to everything mentioned above for people who miss the morning cleanse. You may just use a toner to re-wet the skin and prepare it for the subsequent procedures as many individuals skip washing their faces in the morning.

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