Simple Ways to Maintain Healthy Joints

Guard Your Joints

Everyone should safeguard their joints, but especially those with arthritis. Joint-protection concepts aim to lessen discomfort and lessen the strain or load exerted on the joints.

Be sure to:

  • Pay close attention to pain cues.
  • Avoid doing things that strain joints or make discomfort worse.
  • Keep in mind good body mechanics.
  • Don’t overdo it with the activities; strike a balance between them.
  • Examine the mobility aids and assistance technologies that are available.
  • keep a healthy weight.

Keep Your Ideal Weight

We must keep our appropriate body weight in order to retain the best joint health. Our joints, especially the weight-bearing joints, are put under more stress when we carry extra weight. According to studies, losing weight considerably lessens knee osteoarthritis-related pain, stiffness, and function.

Perform Low-Intensity Exercises

Low-impact exercise a kinder kind of exercise that lessens the stress imposed on joints during high-intensity workouts can help people attain the intended benefits of regular physical activity and exercise.

The Arthritis Foundation lists walking, cycling, social sports like golf, and swimming as low-impact workouts that are less strenuous on your joints.

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