Additionally, India has seen an increase in the burden of these non-communicable illnesses. This is seen from the rise in high blood pressure, diabetes, and renal illnesses that occur from their interaction. According to a survey, renal failure or kidney illnesses account for more than 3% of all fatalities in India between the ages of 15 and 69 each year. Additionally, around 1.5 lakh new instances of renal failure are recorded in India each year, and many of them pass away from the illness as a result of either a lack of knowledge or a dearth of dialysis facilities. As individuals with diabetes and high blood pressure become more prevalent, this rate will only rise higher.

Kidney disease can be stopped from progressing if it is identified early. The disease’s symptoms can be controlled with medication and routine visits to a nephrologist.

However, altering one’s lifestyle is of utmost importance. These adjustments should include stopping smoking, keeping a healthy weight, exercising, and practicing meditation. Yes, keeping a healthy lifestyle requires doing this. It should be emphasized that regular exercise is recommended to avoid the majority of illnesses.

For a diabetic, it’s crucial to frequently check blood glucose levels, regulate them with medications, and adhere to a meal plan suggested by a nutritionist.

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