6 Negative Effects of Excessive Cinnamon

1- Might result in liver damage

Coumarin is abundant in cassia (or ordinary) cinnamon.

While Ceylon cinnamon only has negligible levels of coumarin, pulverized Cassia cinnamon contains a range of 7 to 18 milligrams of coumarin per teaspoon (2.6 grams).

A 130-pound (59-kg) individual can consume 5 mg of coumarin daily, or roughly 0.05 mg per pound (0.1 mg per kilogram) of body weight. Accordingly, consuming even a single teaspoon of cassia cinnamon might cause you to exceed the daily limit.

Sadly, a number of studies have revealed that consuming too much coumarin may result in liver toxicity and damage.

For instance, a 73-year-old lady who had been taking cinnamon pills for just one week suddenly had a liver infection that damaged her liver. But in this instance, the dosage was larger because of the supplements used than it would be from food alone.

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