5 Tips for healthy skin

Don’t smoke

Smoking causes to wrinkles and makes your skin appear older. Smoking causes the tiniest blood vessels in the epidermis to constrict, reducing blood flow and resulting in paler skin. Additionally, this depletes the skin of minerals and oxygen that are crucial for healthy skin.
Collagen and elastin, the fibers that give your skin strength and elasticity, are also harmed by smoking. Additionally, smoking can cause wrinkles due to the repeated facial movements you make, such as squinting your eyes to block out smoke and pursing your lips when inhaling.
Smoking also raises your risk of developing squamous cell skin cancer. The greatest strategy to protect your skin if you smoke is to stop. Consult your doctor for advice on quitting smoking or medicines that can assist.

Treat your skin gently

Shaving and daily washing might harm your skin. Keeping it kind:

  • Limit your bathing time. Your skin’s natural oils are removed by hot water and extended showers or baths. Use warm water in place of hot water and keep bathing or showering to a minimum.
  • Don’t use harsh soaps. Strong detergents and soaps can remove oil from your skin. Choose gentle cleaners instead.
  • Shave with caution. Apply shaving cream, lotion, or gel to your skin before shaving to lubricate and protect it. Use a clean, sharp razor to get the closest shave possible. Shave against the hair’s growth, not with it.
  • Clean off. Use a towel to gently pat or blot your skin dry after bathing or washing it so that some moisture is left on your skin.
  • Hydrate dry skin. Use a moisturizer suitable for your skin type if your skin is dry. Consider using a moisturizer with SPF on a daily basis.

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